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    Pioneering Electric Vehicles in 19th Century Warsaw

    In the late 19th century, Warsaw saw attempts to introduce electric vehicles for public transportation, with ambitions crushed by city authorities.

    Early Electric Vehicle Era

    At the end of the 19th century, as combustion engine vehicles emerged, Stanisław Grodzki, alongside Warsaw financiers, sought municipal approval for a private electric vehicle public transport initiative.

    Grodzki’s Vision

    In 1896, Grodzki proposed electric taxis, microbuses, and freight trucks, inspired by European cities like Berlin and Paris where electric vehicle public transport thrived.

    Ambitious Concession Application

    The application outlined passenger and freight transport exclusivity for 50 years, covering key city routes. Despite efforts, the authorities, entrenched in tram revenue, denied the concession, stifling innovation.

    Electric Vehicle Classification

    Amid discussions, “Przegląd Techniczny” introduced a classification for electric vehicles in 1902, categorizing them as light passenger, heavy passenger, and freight, reflecting growing interest and discussions about the future of automotive transport.

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