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    Piotr Babis Shatters Records with Unprecedented Larapinta Trail Triumph

    Polish ultramarathon runner Piotr Babis has etched his name into the annals of ultrarunning history by obliterating the previous record for running Australia’s challenging Larapinta Trail unsupported. Babis completed the 230-kilometer journey in a mind-blowing 53 hours and 50 minutes, smashing the 2018 record by a staggering five hours.

    Piotr Babis Conquers the Larapinta Trail: A Tale of Tenacity and Self-Sufficiency

    Babis, who hails from the region of Mazowsze in Poland and now works as a hiking guide in Tasmania, achieved this remarkable milestone on his maiden attempt at the daunting Larapinta Trail. The trail, situated in northern Australia, is known for its punishing terrain, with rugged landscapes, extreme temperature variations, and isolated conditions.

    One of the defining aspects of Babis’ incredible achievement was his unsupported status throughout the run. He carried all his supplies, including safety equipment, food, and water, which added up to a weighty 10.5 kilograms in a compact 15-litre pack. His meticulous planning extended to calculating an estimated 17,000 calories needed to fuel his body during the two-and-a-half-day odyssey, which consisted of a mix of energy bars, gels, liquid calories, and various food items to maintain his appetite and energy levels.

    The race commenced on the evening of August 17th at 5:31 PM, and Babis faced numerous challenges from the very start. Sleep deprivation quickly became a major hurdle, with the runner managing only about five minutes of rest over the course of two days. The brutal combination of freezing cold nights and scorching days led to sleep-induced hallucinations, pushing Babis to the limits of his mental and physical endurance.

    Piotr Babis’s Extraordinary Odyssey on the Larapinta Trail

    Nearly 54 hours into his gruelling adventure, Babis reached an old telegraph station near Alice Springs, where a group of supporters, including former record-holder Simon Duke, awaited his arrival. Duke, ever the realist, had even brought a wheelbarrow in case Babis was unable to walk to the car. Thankfully, Babis completed the journey on his own two feet, marking an extraordinary finish to an unparalleled feat.

    Babis’ recount of his journey, chronicled in his own words, offers a vivid insight into the challenges he faced and the relentless determination that propelled him forward. From summiting Mt. Sonder to enduring sleep-deprived hallucinations and navigating treacherous terrains like Hugh Gorge and Spencer Gorge, Babis’ journey was an epic struggle against both the elements and the limitations of his own body.

    Babis reflected on his extraordinary journey, saying, “It is amazing how you can adapt to this sort of challenge.” His accomplishment serves as a testament to the remarkable human capacity to overcome adversity and achieve the seemingly impossible.

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