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    Piotr Żyła Triumphs in Rain-Delayed Ski Jumping Grand Prix Event

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    In a thrilling showdown at the Szczyrk ski jumping event, Piotr Żyła emerged as the victor in the second competition of the Summer Grand Prix. Despite adverse weather conditions on Sunday, the Polish team showcased their prowess in Saturday’s competition, where Kamil Stoch initially seized the lead.

    Sunday’s rainy weather posed challenges, but the qualifying rounds proceeded, with Piotr Żyła’s impressive 100.5-meter jump securing his dominance. As the final day’s individual competition kicked off, Kamil Stoch maintained his lead after a 101.5-meter leap, with Dawid Kubacki and Maciej Kot also putting on commendable performances.

    As the weather continued to play a significant role, Francesco Cecon of Italy set a new hill record with a remarkable 107.5-meter jump. However, gusty winds disrupted the event, causing intermittent delays. Organizers eventually opted to conclude the competition based on first-round results.

    The final rankings saw Piotr Żyła secure the top spot with 143.7 points, followed by Vladimir Zografski and Luca Roth. Despite the challenging conditions, the athletes displayed remarkable skill and determination throughout the event.

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