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    PiS Leaders Urge PM Tusk to Challenge EU Migration Pact

    On Tuesday, PiS lawmakers Mariusz Błaszczak and Krzysztof Szczucki urged Prime Minister Donald Tusk to challenge the EU migration pact in the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). They also presented a draft complaint on the matter. Błaszczak highlighted that PiS had requested an additional parliamentary session to discuss the migration pact, demanding clarity from Tusk on the circumstances leading to its adoption and his future plans.

    Demand for Accountability

    Błaszczak emphasized the importance of Polish security and sovereignty, calling for Tusk to take a definitive stance on the migration pact. Szczucki, at the conference, echoed these sentiments, stressing the need for the Prime Minister to protect Poland’s interests and safety by opposing the pact, which they believe threatens national security and sovereignty in areas such as migration and asylum policies.

    Szczucki announced that PiS had prepared a draft complaint to be submitted to the CJEU, urging the government to act quickly. Highlighting the urgency, Szczucki pointed out that the government has two months to respond, urging immediate action to review, sign, and submit the document. He criticized the government for its inaction, stating that PiS had taken the initiative to draft the complaint themselves.

    Concerns Over Migration Policy

    The draft complaint addresses the regulation introducing a “take in or pay” system, known as mandatory solidarity. Szczucki argued that the legal basis referring to common asylum and migration policy is flawed, claiming the treaty does not authorize the EU to implement a relocation system. He asserted that the common policy should combat illegal migration rather than encourage it.

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