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    PKP and other railway companies during Easter

    Polish State Railways (PKP) and other railway companies ensure the safe and smooth travel of passengers during the Easter period.

    Technical teams from PKP and railway protection officers will monitor train movement and passenger safety, and additional carriages will be added to some long-distance trains operating on popular routes.

    PKP will be ready with technical teams available 24/7 to maintain contact with operators and technical services and monitor weather conditions. Additionally, 175 emergency repair teams and 16 technical rescue teams will be on standby during Easter. In the event of power line failure, 66 network trains are also on standby, along with backup locomotives.

    About 3000 railway protection officers will be stationed at railway stations, trains, and railway lines from 7 to 10 April to ensure passenger safety. The officers will be assisted by the police, border guards, and other public safety authorities. The security teams will patrol train routes and be present at railway crossings, ensuring the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Over 100 service dogs and various equipment such as Mobile Monitoring Centers, thermal imagers, night vision devices, and binoculars will also support the security operations.

    Passengers are reminded to ensure their luggage is not left unattended, and they should keep their valuable items with them at all times. If there are any security concerns, passengers can contact the Railway Protection Guard on 22 474 00 00.

    PKP Intercity is monitoring passenger numbers and adding extra carriages to trains when necessary, to increase the number of seats available and provide a comfortable journey. Railway stations and buildings will be patrolled by security personnel, and passengers can report any suspicious activity using the

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