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    PKP Intercity Aims for 14 Million Passengers and Zero Emissions by 2030

    PKP Intercity plans to transport 14 million passengers in July and August, increasing the number of trains by accelerating maintenance and receiving new locomotives.

    Popular Destinations

    Routes to traditional Polish tourist spots, such as the coast, Mazury, and mountainous regions, will see an increase in services. Popular cities like Krakow and Gdansk are also included. Marcin Karasiński, a board member of PKP Intercity, emphasized the environmental benefits of rail travel, noting its significantly lower CO2 emissions compared to road and air transport.

    Investment in Green Technology

    PKP Intercity aims to make all passenger journeys up to 500 km zero-emission by 2030. The company plans to source nearly 90% of its energy from renewables by then. Investments include new energy-efficient trains and eco-friendly maintenance facilities with photovoltaic panels. These initiatives support the company’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint.

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