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    PKP PLK CEO Ensures Public Safety Amid Unauthorized Railway Radio-Stop Signals

    In the face of recent disruptions caused by the unauthorized activation of railway radio-stop signals, the CEO of Poland’s national railway service, PKP PLK, reassures the public that there is no imminent danger to human life. In a formal communication delivered to PAP (Polish Press Agency), Ireneusz Merchel emphasized the overall safety of Polish railways.

    Merchel stated that while these recent instances of false emergency signals have led to minor traffic disturbances, they do not pose a significant threat to passengers or railway operations. Over the past days, several train services in Poland have been unexpectedly halted due to the unauthorized broadcast of stop signals. Particularly on Tuesday, a notable 25 passenger trains across four provinces—Mazowieckie, Lodzkie, Opolskie, and Pomorskie—were brought to a standstill as a result of false emergency signals.

    Addressing these concerns, Merchel disclosed that PKP PLK is actively expediting the replacement of analog devices with more secure digital counterparts to curb the potential for unauthorized train stops. He acknowledged that the analog system served vital safety purposes in the past, having averted accidents within the railway network. However, he revealed that advancements in technology now enable external control over this system, contributing to instances of its unauthorized use. Merchel acknowledged that such occurrences have been relatively common and that the recent wave of incidents is not entirely unprecedented.

    As investigations continue, Merchel accentuated the need to comprehend the full extent of the recent disruptions. The primary focus remains on restoring seamless and safe railway operations throughout Poland, guaranteeing the security and well-being of passengers while thwarting potential unauthorized interventions.


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