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    Plummeting Support for Poland’s EU Membership Hits Record Lows

    The latest CBOS study reveals a significant decline in Polish support for EU membership, marking the lowest approval rate since May 2013. While 77% of respondents still advocate for Poland’s presence in the European Union, this figure reflects an 8-point drop compared to April 2023. Despite this decline, overall sentiment remains positive, with 59% believing that EU membership brings more benefits than drawbacks.

    Factors Influencing Public Opinion: Benefits and Concerns

    The study highlights diverse factors shaping public opinion on EU membership. While financial advantages, open borders, and economic development are cited as benefits by respondents, concerns revolve around sovereignty limitations, EU regulations, and challenges in environmental policies. Notably, migration policies evoke considerable apprehension, reflecting fears of social issues and crime.

    Criticism towards EU policies, particularly in environmental and migration realms, underscores a need for nuanced approaches. While acknowledging the importance of environmental improvement, respondents express reservations about the pace of change and economic implications. Similarly, migration policies elicit concerns about societal integration and safety.

    Balancing Sovereignty and Integration

    Despite discontent, the prospect of Poland exiting the EU remains unlikely. Participants recognize the nation’s political and economic vulnerabilities outside the EU framework. While discussions on EU expansion primarily focus on Balkan and former Soviet states, uncertainties persist regarding the EU’s future trajectory, with some speculating on potential contraction or dissolution.

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