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    PM Calls for Political Parties’ Discussion on EU Migrant Relocation Scheme

    Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has extended an invitation to all political parties in Poland to engage in discussions regarding the country’s stance on the European Union’s mandatory migrant relocation program. The European Commission has put forth a proposal that entails EU member states accepting an initial quota of 30,000 migrants from regions heavily affected by migration, such as Greece and Italy.

    Under the proposed scheme, countries that decline to participate in the relocation initiative will be required to pay approximately EUR 22,000 per migrant who is not admitted. It is worth noting that both Poland and Hungary are opposed to the forced relocation mechanism.

    In an effort to reinforce the government’s position during negotiations with the EU, Prime Minister Morawiecki aims to garner support from opposition parties in Poland. Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, he expressed his belief that “all political groups should clearly express their opinions on this matter.” He further extended an invitation to parliamentary caucuses and circles for a discussion.

    Highlighting the potential threat the forced relocation mechanism poses to Poland’s security, Morawiecki emphasized the need for comprehensive deliberations on the topic. Government spokesperson Piotr Mueller confirmed that the meeting has been scheduled for Thursday at 11 am. This gathering represents an opportunity for diverse political perspectives to converge and shape Poland’s approach to the EU’s migrant relocation program.


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