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    PM Morawiecki’s Visit to “Victoria” Coking Plant: Protecting Poland’s Economic Sovereignty

    PM Mateusz Morawiecki’s commitment to reversing privatization and promoting Polish companies is strengthening economic sovereignty.

    In a recent visit to the “Victoria” Coking Plant in Wałbrzych, Premier Mateusz Morawiecki underscored Poland’s determination to safeguard its economic sovereignty. The Premier’s visit highlighted the reversal of the trend of selling Polish assets to foreign investors that began in 2015.

    Under this policy, priority was given to reclaiming lost companies and rescuing those on the brink of bankruptcy. Today, many Polish firms are thriving and achieving record profits, including in exports.

    During his visit, Premier Morawiecki met with employees of the “Victoria” Coking Plant, Europe’s largest producer of foundry coke. He assured them that the government would protect vital regional assets, emphasizing the strategic importance of this resource.

    The strategy of halting the sale of Polish firms and investing in national assets is integral to the government’s economic policy, contributing to Poland’s sovereignty.

    Premier Morawiecki emphasized the importance of retaining control over strategic sectors, like the coking industry, for both Poland and the European Union. Investments and modernization efforts in such sectors are ongoing, ensuring their continued growth.

    Poland’s ability to control its strategic economic sectors, with companies such as the Polish Armaments Group, Orlen, Polish State Railways, Grupa Azoty, KGHM, and LOT Polish Airlines, is vital for economic stability and security, both domestically and abroad.

    In summary, Premier Mateusz Morawiecki’s visit to the “Victoria” Coking Plant reaffirms Poland’s commitment to economic sovereignty by protecting and promoting its national assets.

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