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    PM stands against ban on combustion vehicles

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has declared the country will not comply with the European Union’s proposed ban on the sale of new CO2-emitting cars starting in 2035. “We will never accept such a ban,” he stated.

    “We will do everything in our power to protect Polish families against another pseudo-ideological idea forwarded by rich countries and bureaucrats from Brussels,”

    Morawiecki wrote on Twitter and Facebook on Thursday.

    The European Council approved a law on Tuesday that will end the sale of new cars that emit CO2 as of 2035. The legislation requires that all new cars sold after that date have zero emissions, while a 55 percent reduction in emissions compared to 2021 levels must be met by 2030. This groundbreaking decision is expected to revolutionize the automotive industry and create a greener future for Europe.

    Poland has been the lone dissenting voice in the European Union, as the country voted against a Council Directive of the EU while Italy, Romania and Bulgaria abstained.

    “Poland welcomes green transition, but one which understands and supports member states instead of destroying their economies along with the budgets of ordinary citizens,”

    Morawiecki wrote.

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