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    Poland Advances in Nuclear Power with Approved Geological Survey Project

    Polish Nuclear Power Plants (Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe, PEJ) has received approval to initiate comprehensive geological surveys for the site of Poland’s first nuclear power plant. The Ministry of Climate and Environment has endorsed PEJ’s Geological Work Project, confirming that it meets the regulatory requirements necessary for such investments.

    This milestone marks another significant accomplishment in the permitting process for the nuclear project. The geological studies, to be conducted by Bechtel, a member of the American consortium overseeing the project, are set to begin in May in Choczewo, covering approximately 30 hectares. The research will involve around 220 test points with depths ranging from 20 to 210 meters.

    The data collected will refine existing assessments of the geological, engineering, and hydrogeological conditions at the site. These findings will contribute to the Location Report, a critical component required to secure a construction permit from the President of the National Atomic Energy Agency.

    The initial phase of the studies will conclude within the year, with results feeding into the ongoing design process of the power plant. This design phase is part of an engineering agreement with the Westinghouse-Bechtel consortium, focusing on the main construction features of the plant, including three nuclear reactors, an inflow pool, cooling water channels, and an outlet channel for cooling waters.

    This initiative not only propels Poland towards its nuclear energy ambitions but also underscores the nation’s commitment to meeting high environmental and safety standards in its energy development strategies.

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