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    Poland and the U.S. Forge Key Partnership in Nuclear Energy Development

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    Poland remains a pivotal ally for the United States in realizing its first nuclear power plant project. On November 8, 2023, Minister Anna Moskwa held a meeting with U.S. Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzeziński. Discussions centered on advancing Polish-American collaboration in energy, particularly nuclear energy and energy security.

    Minister Moskwa applauded the existing cooperation and expressed the Polish government’s strong support for deepening ties in the energy sector. The relationship between Poland and the U.S. is deemed exemplary in the region, requiring continuous development and reinforcement, both in governmental and business collaboration.

    The meeting also addressed joint efforts to establish a Regional Training Center for Clean Energy Technologies in Poland. The center, endorsed by Minister Moskwa in September 2023, aims to educate professionals and formulate training programs in nuclear energy. The minister emphasized the center’s role in advancing Poland’s nuclear sector, introducing Small Modular Reactor (SMR) technology, and integrating nuclear energy with other clean technologies, such as renewable energy.

    Moreover, the discussion touched upon Poland and the U.S.’s involvement in preparations for the UN Climate Summit (COP28) in Dubai. Poland supports the U.S. initiative for a Declaration to Triple Nuclear Energy and plans to collaborate in significantly increasing nuclear energy capacity globally by 2050.

    “I believe a net-zero emissions world is unattainable without consistently increasing nuclear energy capacity,”

    Minister Moskwa emphasized.

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