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    Poland and the United Kingdom Forge Strong Defence Partnership

    In an important development, Poland and the United Kingdom have recently signed a comprehensive agreement aimed at deepening their foreign policy, security, and defence cooperation. The announcement was made by Zbigniew Rau, the Polish foreign minister, during a press conference held in London on Wednesday.

    Known as the 2030 Strategic Partnership, the agreement was signed by the defence and foreign ministers of both countries. This partnership, set to last until 2030, focuses on bolstering ties in the areas of defence and security.

    Rau emphasized the significance of this alliance, stating that it would facilitate cooperation in supporting Ukraine against Russia’s ongoing aggression. To this end, British forces will be stationed on NATO’s eastern flank for the long term, highlighting the shared commitment to opposing Russia’s destabilizing actions.

    James Cleverly, the British foreign minister, drew parallels between this partnership and the historical alliance between the UK and Poland during World War Two. Cleverly expressed the importance of the UK and Poland joining forces once again to provide unwavering international support to Ukraine. He further remarked that the 2030 Partnership solidifies a commitment to enhancing defence, security, and foreign policy cooperation for the foreseeable future.

    Ben Wallace, the British defence minister, reaffirmed the UK’s dedication to safeguarding NATO’s eastern borders. Stressing the historical ties and NATO alliance between the two nations, Wallace asserted that the UK stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Poland in defending NATO’s eastern flank and supporting Ukraine against Russian aggression.

    The partnership agreement also outlines shared priorities on various issues, including Belarus and China, in addition to defence capabilities and operations. Building upon the 2017 UK-Poland Treaty on defence and security cooperation, this collaboration represents the culmination of years of close cooperation between the two countries.

    Currently, hundreds of British troops are deployed in Poland, and last year, the British government dispatched Challenger 2 tanks and the Sky Sabre air-defence system, demonstrating a tangible commitment to the partnership.

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