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    Poland and UK Strengthen Bilateral Relations in Face of Russian Aggression

    In the wake of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine in February 2022, Poland and the UK have significantly bolstered their bilateral ties. The collaboration began before the invasion, marked by a trilateral agreement with Ukraine to enhance cybersecurity, energy security, and combat disinformation.

    Military Cooperation

    Both countries intensified their military cooperation following the invasion. The UK deployed additional troops to Estonia and committed RAF Typhoon jets to patrol Polish and Romanian airspace. High-level visits ensued, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s trip to Warsaw just five days after the war’s outbreak, emphasizing humanitarian aid and support for Ukrainian refugees.

    Strategic agreements followed, including commitments to support Ukraine’s territorial integrity and enhance its defense capabilities. Deals were struck for the supply of anti-aircraft missiles and the transfer of British tanks to Poland. Long-term military support, including training programs and defense equipment procurement, was also discussed.

    The recent signing of a £1.9 billion contract by MBDA underscores the deepening defense cooperation between Poland and the UK, marking a significant step in enhancing regional security. As threats persist, both nations are poised to further solidify their partnership in defense and beyond.

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