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    Poland Applauds Boost in Funding for National Priorities in the EU Budget for 2024

    Poland has expressed satisfaction with the recently negotiated EU budget for 2024, totaling EUR 189.4 billion, which features increased allocations for key Polish initiatives. The agreement was reached after extensive negotiations on Friday night between the European Parliament and the Council of EU member states.

    A notable inclusion in the EU budget for 2024 is the New Ukraine Facility, boasting an overall capacity of EUR 50 billion. This development aligns with Poland’s stance on the matter, reflecting the success of their negotiating position.

    The Ministry of Finance in Poland, in a press release issued on Saturday, highlighted the augmented funding for critical Polish priorities. These include support for nations accommodating Ukrainian refugees, bolstering transport connections, particularly military ones with Ukraine, and providing humanitarian aid to both Ukraine and the Middle East.

    The European Commission, along with Polish negotiators, asserts that the EU budget for 2024 strikes a balance between efficiently implementing projects and addressing broader challenges across the European Union.

    Magdalena Rzeczkowska, the Finance Minister of Poland, emphasized the significance of securing adequate funds for the cohesion policy and the Common Agricultural Policy, both pivotal for Poland. In a statement, she remarked, “We are pleased with the increase in funds for humanitarian aid for Ukraine. We also appreciate the additional allocations for countries hosting Ukrainian refugees and for activities related to the conflict in Ukraine, including the expansion of military transport capabilities within the EU and border protection.”

    The finance minister anticipates a vote on the EU budget 2024 agreement in Strasbourg in two weeks, underscoring the importance of this financial framework in addressing crucial issues affecting not only Poland but the broader European Union.


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