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    Poland Clinches Ninth Victory in the Nations League, Defeating Bulgaria 3-1

    The Polish national women’s volleyball team continues to dominate in the Nations League as they secured their ninth win of the tournament by defeating the Bulgarian team with a score of 3-1.

    With only two matches remaining in the regular phase, the Polish team had already secured their promotion to the final tournament thanks to a thrilling 3-2 victory over Germany

    The Polish players started the match on a high note, displaying a formidable block that allowed them to gain an early lead. The Bulgarian team struggled to find their footing and had to repeat their actions. The Polish women maintained their advantage for a considerable time but encountered a minor crisis. Due to missing three set balls, Bulgaria emerged victorious with a score of 28-26.

    Determined to bounce back, the Polish team refused to concede defeat. They resolved their partial crisis and demonstrated their resilience by scoring eight consecutive points, ultimately clinching the second set with a score of 25-19.

    In the third set, although the Polish team held the advantage, they couldn’t extend their lead significantly. Nevertheless, they maintained control of the game, gradually increasing their advantage until securing a victory.

    The fourth set began as planned for the Polish team, with them taking an early lead. They maintained their composure throughout the set, under the guidance of Coach Lavarini, and never faced any sudden upheaval. The Polish women dominated the set, winning it convincingly with a score of 25-15, ultimately sealing the match with a 3-1 victory.

    “The first nerves are under control, and we have it – we record another victory on our account. Tomorrow is a day off, and then we return for the last match of the group stage #VNL2023,”

    Polska Siatkówka wrote on Twitter.

    Looking ahead, Poland’s final match in the Nations League regular phase will be against South Korea on Sunday, 2nd July.

    Poland – Bulgaria 3-1 (26-28, 25-19, 25-16, 25-15)

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