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    Poland Dominates EU Candle Exports: A Shining Success Story

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    Poland has emerged as the torchbearer in the European Union’s candle export market, according to data from Eurostat. In 2022, the country exported candles worth a staggering €922 million, constituting 38% of the total candle exports in terms of value. This impressive feat catapulted Poland ahead of the Netherlands (€246 million, 10%) and Germany (€205 million, 8%).

    The Candle Export Landscape:
    Eurostat reports that nearly one-third of the EU’s candle exports to non-EU countries found their way to the United Kingdom, accounting for €159 million. Other notable destinations include the United States (€80 million) and Switzerland (€72 million).

    A Global Candle Renaissance:
    In 2021, the global candle market was valued at billions of dollars, with projections indicating sustained growth. Several factors fueled this expansion, including a surging interest in home decor products, the rising popularity of aromatherapy, and increasing awareness of the relaxation and well-being benefits associated with candles.

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