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    Poland Enforces Embargo on Ukrainian Grain Imports, Prioritizing National Agriculture

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    In a recent address at the “Grateful Polish Countryside” event in Miętne, Poland, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced a bold move by the country’s government. As of midnight on September 16th, Poland has independently imposed a ban on the import of Ukrainian grain, regardless of the European Union’s stance on the matter. This embargo will remain in place until a cooperative model of engagement with Ukraine is established.

    Prime Minister Morawiecki emphasized the importance of protecting Polish agriculture in the face of geopolitical upheavals. He recalled the crisis in the grain market and how, on April 15th, Poland took unilateral action by imposing a ban on Ukrainian grain imports. Subsequently, the European Union followed suit, validating Poland’s decision.

    Addressing the country’s farmers, Morawiecki expressed his confidence in their understanding of Poland’s aspirations. He stated that the current political struggle will shape the future of the Polish countryside and, ultimately, the nation. He attributed the survival of the Polish identity and state to the resilience of rural communities, whose hard work sustains the country’s prosperity and patriotic spirit.

    Poland’s decision to safeguard its agricultural sector by imposing an embargo on Ukrainian grain imports reflects its commitment to supporting domestic farmers. As the nation navigates geopolitical challenges, the unity of its rural communities remains a symbol of strength and resilience.

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