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    Poland Expands Access for Poles Abroad Ahead of Upcoming Elections

    In a move to enhance the democratic process, Poland is gearing up for its upcoming parliamentary elections on October 15. The nation is set to elect 460 members of the lower house of parliament and 100 senators. To ensure broader participation of Polish citizens living abroad, the Foreign Ministry, under the guidance of Zbigniew Rau, announced significant changes.

    During a recent interview on the private radio station RMF FM, Zbigniew Rau disclosed that early next week, the Foreign Ministry is poised to issue a regulation that will see the establishment of over 400 polling stations for Polish citizens residing abroad. This represents a substantial increase from the 320 polling stations available during the previous parliamentary elections, highlighting the government’s commitment to expanding access to voting for its citizens living abroad.

    In addition to the increase in polling stations, Rau also unveiled plans for the implementation of an electronic voting system, scheduled to commence operations on September 25. This innovative system is set to revolutionize the voting process, enabling Polish citizens living abroad to register to vote in the upcoming elections during a two-week window, concluding on October 10.