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    Poland Files Lawsuit Against Germany in EU Court for Unlawful Waste Storage

    Poland has taken legal action against Germany by filing a complaint with the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) over the alleged illegal storage of waste, as announced by the climate and environment ministry. The dispute, initially raised by Poland in October, gained traction when the European Commission (EC) sided with Poland’s perspective.

    The EC’s opinion highlighted Germany’s failure to fulfill its obligation of promptly removing waste that had been unlawfully transported to Tuplice and Stary Jawor in the southwestern region of Poland. The Commission stated that the Federal Republic of Germany neglected to address the issue within the stipulated 30-day timeframe.

    The Climate and Environment Ministry, in its announcement on Wednesday, revealed that the complaint has been officially submitted to the CJEU. The basis of the legal action is Germany’s alleged non-compliance with its obligations under European Union law.

    According to the ministry’s report, the waste in question amounts to a total of 35,000 tonnes, entering Poland between 2015 and 2018 in the provinces of Lubuskie, Dolnoslaskie, Slaskie, and Wielkopolskie. The CJEU will now undertake a review of the complaint, marking a significant development in the ongoing dispute between Poland and Germany regarding the improper disposal of waste on Polish territory.


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