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    Poland Imposes Entry Ban on Russian Registered Cars

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    In a recent announcement, Mariusz Kamiński, the head of Poland’s Ministry of Interior and Administration (MSWiA), revealed a new ban on the entry of Russian-registered passenger cars into Poland. The ban, which takes effect from midnight today, comes in response to guidelines issued by the European Commission on September 8th, 2023, regarding the prohibition of Russian-registered vehicles within the European Union.

    As of now, no Russian-registered passenger vehicle, whether privately owned or commercially used, will be allowed to enter Polish territory. This prohibition extends to both Russian citizens and individuals from other countries who own Russian-registered vehicles.

    Expanding Sanctions

    This move is part of a series of sanctions imposed on Russia and its citizens due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Poland views the Russian government as a current international security threat, leading to the implementation of these stringent measures.

    It’s worth noting that Russian heavy trucks were already subject to this ban earlier, and the recent announcement serves to complete the restriction. As a result, no Russian vehicle, regardless of its purpose, will have the right to enter Poland.

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