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    Poland Introduces National Security Bill Amid Rising Threats

    Poland’s President has submitted a bill to the Sejm addressing actions of state authorities in case of external security threats, reports the National Security Bureau. The proposed law aims to bolster the country’s capabilities against hybrid, sub-threshold, and direct armed aggression.

    Strengthening National Defense

    The bill focuses on enhancing both military and non-military capacities, including refining the organization of the national security system and defining states of defense readiness. It outlines protocols for continuous duty, involving Sejm and Senate Marshals, the Chief of the National Security Bureau, and specifies objectives and structures for drafting and amending the Political-Strategic Defense Directive.

    The plan also details Poland’s Response Plan, integrating crisis management within NATO frameworks. It establishes permanent defense plans for sudden threats and clarifies defense programming principles.

    Addressing Contemporary Challenges

    According to the National Security Bureau, these measures respond to evolving security landscapes, particularly new threats from the Russian Federation targeting Poland, as well as other EU and NATO states. The bill, a presidential initiative, was developed in collaboration with the President’s Office and the National Security Bureau.

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