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    Poland is buying gold. It’s insurance for tough times

    „Gold always gains value in the long term, that’s why we’re increasing our gold reserves to 20 percent of the country’s reserves” said Adam Glapiński, the president of the National Bank of Poland.

    Today Poland has 359 tons of gold worth 94.1 billion złotys, ranking 15th in the world. 105 tons are stored in the national bank’s vaults in Poland, 124 tons in the Bank of England, and 130 tons in the US central bank.

    Adam Glapiński emphasized that a 20 percent gold reserve is characteristic of the wealthiest, safest and most credible countries.

    „Gold reserves are a very serious argument and are taken into account by rating agencies and trading partners. We are solvent and trusted even in the most difficult political and military conditions. Anyone who trades with us has security for their payments” added the president of the NBP.

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