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    Poland Launches Diplomatic Offensive Against EU Treaty Changes

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    In a press conference on Wednesday, Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk announced an intensified diplomatic campaign by the Polish government. The goal is to create a coalition of states opposing proposed changes to EU treaties at the scheduled December 12 General Affairs Council meeting of the European Council. Following the European Parliament’s decision, the proposed changes will now be discussed by the General Affairs Council, where ministers from EU member states convene.

    Szynkowski vel Sęk highlighted ongoing intense discussions on whether the project will undergo “undiscussed” review in the council. Simultaneously, political decisions are being made in member states. The pivotal question, according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, is whether a group of member states will emerge capable of blocking proposals detrimental to Polish sovereignty and other EU nations.

    Appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs on Monday, Szynkowski vel Sęk initiated a series of visits to European capitals. He emphasized consultations with close allies and conversations with representatives of numerous countries during the NATO ministers’ summit. The Czech government’s stance, as mentioned by the Foreign Affairs Minister, aligns closely with Poland’s skepticism toward “opening up” treaties, fearing potential divisions within the EU.

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