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    Poland might confront another wave of Ukrainian refugees 

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    Poland faces the prospect of a new wave of Ukrainian refugees as Russia pounds Ukraine’s infrastructure and temperatures drop, the Polish president has warned.

    In recent weeks, Russian armed forces have intensified attacks against Ukraine’s critical infrastructure across the country.

    Andrzej Duda, who attended a congress in the south-eastern city of Rzeszow on Friday, said that “Ukraine’s energy infrastructure is being brutally destroyed and knocked out by Russia.”

    “In many cases, Ukrainians will not be able to heat their homes, they will not have hot water,” he went on to say. “Most likely, a new wave of refugees will flow into Poland.”

    According to Duda, Poland has been preparing for the influx.

    The Ukrainian government says that by crippling the energy infrastructure Russia wants to spur a humanitarian crisis and send a fresh wave of refugees flooding Europe.

    Attacks against civilian infrastructure are a war crime under international law.

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