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    “Poland of the young, not the pensioners.” That is how Barbara Nowacka thanks the core citizens…

    “Conversations need to happen with the young people, because they are the ones who will be changing Poland. It will be their Poland, not the Poland of pentioners frustrated by election losses,” stated Barbara Nowacka, the Minister of Education.

    Today, Barbara Nowacka visited the General Education High School named after Marshal St. Małachowski in Płock, followed by a press conference. In her speech, she made pathetic remarks despising the retirees.

    Beata Szydło, a Member of the European Parliament from the Law and Justice Party (PiS), responded to Nowacka’s comments. “Ms. Nowacka called Polish retirees ‘frustrated.’ Polish retirees have had a good few years. The question is, what does Ms. Nowacka and the rest of Tusk’s team have in store for them? Maybe Ms. Nowacka knows that retirees will have reasons to be frustrated?” wrote Szydło.

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