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    Poland Open to Hosting Nuclear Weapons Amid Security Concerns

    In an interview with “Fakt,” President Andrzej Duda expressed Poland’s readiness to host nuclear weapons as part of NATO’s nuclear sharing policy. Duda cited increasing Russian militarization in the Kaliningrad Oblast and recent nuclear weapon relocation to Belarus as key security concerns for Eastern NATO allies.

    Trump Meeting: A Reflection on Bilateral Relations

    President Duda reflected on his personal meeting with Donald Trump, emphasizing their four-year collaboration in bolstering Polish-American ties. Highlighting achievements such as F-35 fighter jet procurement and increased U.S. military presence in Poland, Duda underscored the enduring friendship between the two leaders.

    Responding to questions about a potential U.S. withdrawal from NATO under a Trump presidency, Duda expressed confidence in Trump’s commitment to American interests. While acknowledging Trump’s assertive approach, Duda emphasized Trump’s rationality and predicted continuity in U.S. policy towards NATO.

    Duda’s remarks signal Poland’s steadfastness in NATO amid geopolitical shifts. With a focus on strengthening Eastern flank security, Poland remains open to strategic partnerships while maintaining diplomatic ties with key allies.

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