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    Poland Positioned as Leading EU Performer in Latest European Commission Report, States Minister

    In a recent announcement, Jacek Sasin, Poland’s state assets minister, highlighted the country’s notable absence from the European Commission’s report on states facing macroeconomic imbalances. According to Sasin, this omission from the report solidifies Poland’s position as one of the foremost performers within the EU landscape.

    Referring to the European Commission’s 2024 Alert Mechanism Report (AMR), Sasin asserted, “The European Commission’s latest report positions us among the top-ranked EU countries.”

    He emphasized that among the 14 potential economic imbalances evaluated in Poland, only one discrepancy was identified, which contrasts significantly with an average of around three imbalances found in other nations. This particular imbalance, as indicated by the Commission, pertains to the perceived ‘excessive’ growth in Polish wages.

    The roster of countries facing macroeconomic imbalances in the current report includes Spain, France, Germany, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Notably, Malta emerged as the sole EU country without any identified economic disproportion.


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