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    Poland Prolongs Border Controls with Slovakia Amidst Migration Concerns

    Poland has announced an extension of temporary border checks with Slovakia for an additional 20 days, stretching until November 22, as outlined in a newly implemented regulation.

    Initially introduced on October 4, these border controls, which were initially meant to last for 10 days, were prolonged for an additional 20 days, up to November 2.

    The extension was confirmed through a new regulation signed by Mariusz Kaminski, the interior minister, which came into effect on Thursday, further extending the checks until November 22. The regulation permits crossings at eight road and three rail points, as well as 11 pedestrian crossings, but restricts passage through mountain trails in the Tatra Mountains.

    The Polish government has emphasized that these measures adhere to the Schengen Code and are intended to counter the influx of illegal migrants entering Europe via the Balkan route.


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