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    Poland Ranks Third in Chocolate Export in Europe, Market Continues to Grow

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    Poland has secured its position as the third-largest chocolate exporter in Europe, according to a report released on Thursday. The analysis of the confectionery market in Poland and globally, presented by Maciej Herman, Managing Director at E. Wedel, showcased the country’s chocolate prowess.

    The report reveals that Poland exported 295,000 tons of chocolate confectionery in 2022, capturing a 7.1% market share, based on Eurostat data. Germany (680,000 tons) and the Netherlands (322,000 tons) are the only countries ahead of Poland.

    Chocolate consumption in Poland remains relatively stable, averaging about 5.9 kg per person annually. Analysts project this to increase to 6.4 kg by 2028, indicating an 8.5% growth.

    Globally, the confectionery market is currently valued at $113.6 billion, with an expected 51% growth by 2028. In Poland, the market is worth approximately PLN 10.315 billion, reflecting a 17% increase from the previous year. In terms of product quantity sold, the market has grown by 2%.

    The report emphasizes that confectionery is a unique product category – not a luxury item but not a necessity either. This characteristic makes it relatively resilient to market fluctuations and economic crises.

    However, changes in the availability and cost of raw materials, notably cocoa, which is essential for chocolate production, are impacting candy prices. Currently, cocoa prices are at a 46-year high, standing at GBP 2,888 per tonne (approximately PLN 15,000), signifying a 60% increase from the previous year. Herman believes this, coupled with inflation, may lead to chocolate price hikes in the near future.


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