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    Poland Received Additional K2 Tanks as Part of Defense Deal

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    On Friday, the Polish defence minister, Mariusz Błaszczak, announced the arrival of seven more K2 Black Panther tanks in Poland. The tanks, which were delivered as part of a significant defence contract, will be assigned to the 20th Mechanised Division of the Polish Army.

    The arrival of these seven Black Panthers marks another milestone in the USD 5.8 billion agreement between Poland and South Korea, the manufacturer of the K2 tanks. As per the contract, a total of 1,000 K2 tanks will be procured. Among them, 180 tanks will be directly shipped from South Korea to Poland, while the remaining 820 tanks will be produced under license in Poland itself.

    “Another 7 tanks #K2 Black Panther from South Korea arrived today by sea to the port of Gdynia. The tanks will now go to the 20th Mechanized Brigade,”

    Mariusz Błaszczak, deputy prime minister and defence minister, wrote on Twitter.

    The acquisition of these modern tanks demonstrates Poland’s commitment to enhancing its defence capabilities and modernizing its armed forces. The K2 Black Panther is a state-of-the-art main battle tank known for its advanced technology and superior firepower. With these new additions, the Polish Army’s 20th Mechanised Division will further bolster its armoured fleet and strengthen its readiness to address potential security challenges.

    The ongoing collaboration between Poland and South Korea in the field of defence signifies a strong partnership between the two nations. It not only contributes to the security of Poland but also facilitates technology transfer and domestic production, boosting Poland’s defence industry.

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