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    Poland rejects EU ban on combustion engines

    On Tuesday, a Polish government official announced via Twitter that Poland had voted against an EU Council directive prohibiting the sale of new petrol-fuelled vehicles after 2035. The official stated that the decision was made in order to protect the interests of Polish citizens.

    On Tuesday, the EU Council passed a directive to eliminate CO2 emissions from new motor vehicles by 2035. After that date, the sale and registration of such vehicles will be effectively prohibited.

    Poland has voted against the European Union’s directive on climate action. In a statement, Moskwa expressed hope that an audit of the directive’s implementation scheduled for 2026 will result in its review.

    German pressure is being cited as a driving force behind the new EU directive. According to Minister Moskwa it seems beneficial mainly to the German market. “This has nothing to do with just transformation,” she wrote.

    “Poland was against the ban on registration of combustion engine cars after 2035, which was voted on today. We believe the market is not ready for this, such a ban is detrimental to economies, societies, and to EU transport as a whole,”

    Poland in the EU cited Minister Moskwa said after TTE Energy Council. 

    “Poland voted against a ban on the registration of new combustion cars after 2035. Non-transparent and informal discussions where Germany, which is mainly beneficial for its market, is pushing for solutions show that this has nothing to do with a fair transition. In our view, the market and societies should be the deciding factor in the choice of technology for the next decades, not EU coercion,”

    Moskwa wrote.

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