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    Poland Returns to Top Ten in Foreign Investors’ Attractiveness Ranking

    Poland has re-entered the top ten countries perceived as most attractive by foreign investors, according to the latest EY European Attractiveness Survey. Despite this, direct foreign investment across Europe has plateaued post-pandemic.

    EY European Attractiveness Survey Findings

    The EY report reveals a 4% decrease in announced projects within Europe’s foreign direct investment (FDI) landscape in 2023 compared to the previous year, totaling 5694 projects. Job creation also declined by 7% to 319.9 thousand positions, down from 394.3 thousand in 2021.

    In contrast, Poland’s FDI projects dropped by 3%, yet there was an uptick in manufacturing projects. Similarly, France experienced a 5% decrease in projects, but job creation rose by 4%. Notably, Poland ranks higher in job creation than in project numbers, securing the fourth position with 22.4 thousand jobs, marking a 21% increase.

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