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    Poland Secures $2 Billion Direct Loan from the U.S. for Defense Enhancement

    Poland and the United States have signed a direct loan agreement worth $2 billion under the Foreign Military Financing program, the Polish Ministry of National Defense announced on Monday. This is the second loan granted by the U.S. to Poland recently, demonstrating the close defense cooperation between the two nations. The Foreign Military Financing funds are reserved for selected U.S. allies, highlighting Poland’s strategic importance to American defense interests.

    Boosting Defense Capabilities

    The funds will be utilized to further enhance Poland’s defense capabilities through the acquisition of air and missile defense systems from the U.S. The Ministry emphasized that these systems are a top priority for the Polish Armed Forces given the current threats. The agreement also includes highly favorable financial terms, according to the Ministry.

    This loan is a testament to the continually developing strategic relations between Poland and the U.S. The United States remains Poland’s main foreign partner in modernizing its Armed Forces, including procuring Patriot and HIMARS systems, Abrams tanks, and F-35 aircraft. The Ministry highlighted that U.S. military presence in Poland significantly strengthens Poland’s deterrence and defense potential.

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