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    Poland Sees Slight Uptick in Unemployment Rate for December 2023

    Recent report released on Wednesday by Poland’s Central Statistical Office (GUS) reveals that the country’s unemployment rate edged up to 5.1 percent in December 2023, compared to the 5.0 percent recorded a month earlier.

    This marginal increase aligns with the predictions of economists polled by the Polish Press Agency (PAP), who anticipated a 5.1 percent unemployment rate for December.

    According to the GUS data, the total number of registered unemployed individuals rose to 788,200 in December, marking an increase from the 773,400 reported in November.

    The Ministry of Family and Social Policy had previously estimated a 5.1 percent unemployment rate for December, further confirming the accuracy of the reported figures.

    As Poland navigates the economic landscape, attention will likely be focused on potential factors contributing to this uptick and the measures that may be implemented to address the challenges in the labor market.

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