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    Poland Shines at IMEX Frankfurt 2023 – Networking and Collaboration Opportunities Galore

    The Poland Convention Bureau team made a remarkable impression at this year’s IMEX Trade Show in Frankfurt. Through the innovative use of sensory marketing, they created captivating experiences that left a lasting impact on visitors and evoked positive emotions. With a focus on engaging the subconscious of consumers and guests, the team showcased the diverse offerings of Poland, providing ample networking and collaboration opportunities for industry professionals.

    The Polish stand at IMEX Frankfurt 2023 was a sight to behold, spanning an impressive 90 square meters. It featured a designated zone for conversations and networking, providing a perfect space for conducting business discussions. As neighbors to ICCA, fond memories of the 61st ICCA Krakow Congress were revived, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences.

    Aneta Ksiazek, the Head of Poland Convention Bureau, expressed her delight at the positive feedback received from visitors. The team’s efforts in curating captivating music experiences and managing every detail of the stand contributed to an unparalleled sense of accomplishment. The aromatic scent of coffee wafted through the air, complementing the hospitality for which Poland is renowned. Guests were treated to 10 tasty Sękacz Cakes from the Podlasie region, as well as premium sweets and local produce, creating a truly immersive experience.

    The networking opportunities at the Polish stand were abundant. Over 300 officially scheduled business meetings took place, showcasing the interest and enthusiasm for collaboration with Poland within the MICE industry. The team conducted over 30 scheduled business meetings themselves, engaging with esteemed meeting professionals from Europe, Asia, and the United States. Of particular note was the keen interest from US representatives, exploring the potential of Poland due to major investments by American IT companies in the country. This presents a remarkable opportunity for the growth of events, incentive travels, hotel bookings, and unique services within the Polish MICE industry.

    Sensory marketing played a pivotal role in the Poland Convention Bureau’s presence at IMEX Frankfurt 2023. Recognizing music as a universal language that connects people on an emotional level, the team incorporated it into their strategy. Basia Giewont’s captivating melodies and mesmerizing voice echoed through the Galleria between Hall 8 and Hall 9, creating an electric atmosphere that drew the attention of all passersby. Basia’s performances became a highlight of the event, with participants capturing the musical magic on videos to relive the experience later.

    The second day concluded with a Musical Happy Hour at the Polish stand, where participants enjoyed Polish delicacies and a live performance of a specially written song, “Let’s Talk Business,” by Brian Allan. This event attracted numerous trade fair participants, fostering positive emotions and strengthening human relations. In total, Poland delivered five hours of live music, contributing to the immersive and engaging atmosphere of IMEX Frankfurt 2023.

    The Poland Convention Bureau’s presence at IMEX Frankfurt 2023 was quantified in numbers, highlighting the extent of their contributions. From the 1 chillout #PolandCVB zone in the Messe Frankfurt Galleria to the 311 scheduled official business meetings and the 44 Polish event professionals representing various sectors of the MICE industry, their impact was significant. Social media engagement was also noteworthy, with Poland Convention Bureau ranking among the top 10 content creators on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, sharing posts, photos, and videos to keep those unable to attend updated on the event.

    The Polish Tourism Organisation’s Poland Convention Bureau, with its meticulous organization, brought the diverse offerings of Poland to the forefront at IMEX Frankfurt 2023. The trade show provided an international platform to showcase the country’s MICE industry, and the Poland Convention Bureau team made the most of it. The collaborative efforts of industry professionals and the captivating experiences created through sensory marketing ensured that Poland shone brightly at IMEX Frankfurt 2023, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. As the event concluded, the resounding message was clear: Come to Poland, the perfect place to host your event with style and grace.

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