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    Poland’s Stance on Migration and Local Funding

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    Poland’s Prime Minister reaffirms stance against migrant relocation as the country supports local governments and addresses concerns on Russian influence.

    Poland’s Stance on Migration Ensures Peace and Security

    Prime Minister Morawiecki

    Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, reaffirmed his country’s unwavering position against migrant relocation, stating that Poland would not allow people smugglers to dictate terms to the European Union. The government’s stand comes in response to the recent adoption of a negotiation position on the migration package by EU interior ministers, which included a provision imposing a penalty of €20,000 for each unaccepted migrant. Poland, along with Hungary, opposed the measure, emphasizing the need to secure borders and prevent large-scale migration. Premier Morawiecki expressed confidence that Poland’s voice would prevail at the upcoming European Council meeting, as it had done before.

    Additional Funding for Local Governments as Poland Prioritizes Equality

    Prime Minister Morawiecki announced a budget amendment providing an extra PLN 14 billion for Polish local governments in the 2023 fiscal year. The funds aim to support current expenses and investments, furthering the government’s commitment to fostering equality and empowering the middle class. The premier highlighted the significance of dignified work and emphasized the rise in the minimum wage from PLN 1,750 in 2015 to PLN 3,600 as of July this year. Additionally, he mentioned the reduction of the tax rate to 12%, with the average national wage surpassing eight years of inflation. Premier Morawiecki expressed optimism about achieving single-digit inflation in the fourth quarter.

    During a press conference, Premier Morawiecki stated that the Polish government would respond to the European Commission’s concerns regarding the law establishing a commission to investigate Russian influence. He assured that individuals implicated in actions benefiting the Russian Federation would not have their voting rights revoked, as guaranteed by the Constitution. Responding to former European Council President Donald Tusk’s apprehensions, the premier reassured that everyone would have the opportunity to run for parliament seats. Premier Morawiecki urged Tusk not to fear, emphasizing that “each person can run for a member of parliament or senator.”

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