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    Poland Strengthens Defense Capabilities with Modernization of Artillery in Response to Ukraine Crisis

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    In the aftermath of the conflict in Ukraine, Poland is intensifying efforts to bolster its rocket and artillery forces. Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, announced the signing of a contract for the acquisition of 6 self-propelled howitzers K9A1 and 146 in the K9PL variant. This move aligns with recommendations from the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces and the Defense Planning Committee.

    The contract not only includes the delivery of advanced artillery but also entails technology transfer to the Polish industry for maintenance and servicing. Minister Błaszczak emphasized the significance of this modernization, stating that it grants Poland the ability to produce modular ammunition independently.

    Highlighting the economic aspect, he noted, “Operating costs constitute a significant part of the weapon’s life cycle costs.” Furthermore, the Defense Agency has initiated talks with HSW regarding an increase in deliveries of the KRAB self-propelled howitzers

    As a result, Poland is achieving self-sufficiency in the production of ammunition for artillery. The Defense Agency’s collaboration with HSW signifies a strategic step towards reinforcing the nation’s defense capabilities

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