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    Poland Successfully Tests Solid Rocket Engine for Suborbital System

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    In a significant milestone, Poland conducted its first test of a solid rocket engine with a 610 mm diameter on Tuesday at the Lipa test range near Nowa Dęba. The trial aimed to validate the propulsion system and assess the performance of ablative, structural, and propellant materials. The successful test underscores the readiness of Polish facilities for the production of more sophisticated rocket systems. The conceptualization, technological process, and execution were led by Polish experts from the Military Aviation Works Consortium, the Military Institute of Armament Technology, and the Special Production Plant “GAMRAT.”

    Suborbital Rocket Project

    This rocket engine test is part of the larger project “Development of a Three-Stage Suborbital Rocket System for Research Payloads.” Military Aviation Works handled the manufacturing technology for connecting elements and ablative materials, while the Military Institute of Armament Technology oversaw the design, calculations, and production of the composite structure of the engine.

    Collaboratively, these entities have demonstrated their capability to produce larger propulsion assemblies. Following a successful June test of a 300 mm diameter engine for a suborbital rocket, GAMRAT confirmed its production capacity for even more extensive propulsion systems. These tests affirm the Polish consortium’s readiness to develop and manufacture more complex rocket systems.

    Advancing Rocket Technologies

    As part of the project, Polish specialists are advancing technologies in navigation, control, structures, and propulsion systems for use in anti-aircraft, space, and ground-to-ground missile programs. The recent test confirmed that these technological solutions match or exceed ballistic parameters of analogous projectiles, such as the Homar-A and Homar-K missiles acquired by the Polish army. This success signals the potential initiation of developing Poland’s own ammunition of this kind.

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