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    Poland Takes Center Stage at International Astronautical Congress in Baku

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    POLSA shines at IAC Baku, showcasing Poland’s space expertise, promoting the 2026 IAC bid, and fostering international collaboration in the space sector.

    Poland is set to host a significant gathering of Artemis Accords signatories during the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Baku, Azerbaijan, from October 2-6. The event will feature 12 Polish companies and universities showcasing their expertise in the space sector, highlighting Poland’s candidacy to host the IAC in 2026.

    Promoting Poland’s Bid for IAC 2026

    Poland aims to secure the hosting rights for the 2026 International Astronautical Congress in Poznań. At the Polish space sector booth, POLSA and IAC Poznań partners will present plans for organizing the event. The proposal, created in collaboration with the European Space Foundation, city authorities, and more, is backed by POLSA as a substantive partner.

    Diverse Representation at the POLSA Booth

    Representatives from various entities, including Blue Dot Solutions, Wrocław University of Technology, PIAP Space, and others, will showcase Poland’s extensive capabilities in the space industry at the POLSA booth. Bilateral meetings will explore collaboration opportunities with local partners.

    Rzeszów’s Growing Role in the Space Industry

    The booth will also highlight the potential of companies and organizations from the Rzeszów region, a thriving hub for advanced aerospace technology in Central Europe.

    POLSA President’s Leadership in Artemis Accords

    Prof. Grzegorz Wrochna, President of POLSA, will co-chair the Artemis Accords signatories meeting, discussing international cooperation within the Artemis program and moderating discussions on future collaboration directions.

    Strategic Insights in Emerging Space Nations

    Prof. Wrochna will present insights into the emerging space sector and young space agencies during the IAF plenary session titled “Strategic Direction of Emerging Space Nations.”

    Exploring Polish-Azerbaijani Business Potential

    POLSA will engage with other space agency heads and representatives from worldwide firms. Discussions with the Polish Ambassador to Baku and the Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Development and Technology will explore opportunities for Polish companies in the Azerbaijani market.

    During IAC in Baku, Polish company SatRev plans to sign two agreements with South Korean telePix.

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