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    Poland Under Siege: The True Face of Provocation

    For three tumultuous years, Poland’s border has been under relentless attack, with recent developments painting a grim picture. Katarzyna Gójska, writing in “Gazeta Polska,” unveils the disturbing truth behind the government’s alleged security initiatives. Gójska argues that the introduction of prosecutorial oversight over soldiers is a sinister manoeuvre orchestrated by the ruling Platforma party. Who stands to gain from this dubious scheme? The answer is crystal clear – the aggressors.

    Belarusian-led assaults on Poland’s border have escalated dramatically over the past three years, culminating in large-scale incursions supported logistically by Minsk and Moscow. In autumn 2021, the situation escalated into outright skirmishes with well-armed adversaries, armed with weaponry capable of causing harm and death. Despite Poland’s robust border defences, it has become the primary target of sustained and brutal assaults. Why? The objective extends beyond mere physical breaches; it aims to sow fear, foment conflict, and fracture national unity in the face of genuine threats. This is a prelude to potentially more severe provocations, tragically effective in its impact.

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    One can assert with certainty that their goals have been achieved: social unrest has surged, unprecedented contempt has been directed towards our brave soldiers and officers, undermining their resolve. Today, we mourn the first victim of these calculated manoeuvres, executed under the guise of humanitarianism, but fundamentally amounting to hybrid aggression against Poland. Spearheading this assault is Donald Tusk’s faction, unwavering in their determination to weaken our defences. This remains unchanged.

    Talk of an Eastern Shield is pure fantasy. The Defense Minister’s proposals, veiled in ambiguity for tactical reasons, offer little more than cosmetic fortifications compared to Ukraine’s formidable defences against Belarus. It’s a hollow attempt to lull the Polish public into complacency, despite overwhelming public demand for strengthened national security. It’s all smoke and mirrors, a deceptive facade.

    The reality is a systematic undermining of Poland’s defence resolve by institutions controlled by the ruling coalition. It’s plain to see – prosecutorial oversight is being weaponized to intimidate and erode the confidence of our soldiers and officers on the frontlines. It sends a clear signal that engaging in the defense of our territory could lead to personal and professional repercussions.

    Once upon a time, Tusk’s political operatives disrupted border operations by deploying MPs, media campaigns, and so-called volunteers, portraying us as a nation indifferent to the suffering of vulnerable groups. Today, they employ subtler tactics to erode the morale of our defenders. The battle for Poland’s border has raged for three years. Up until now, there was no need for prosecutorial oversight of soldiers. It’s a measure concocted by the Platforma government. Who benefits? It’s as clear as day – the aggressors.

    Poland’s sovereignty is under assault not just from external threats, but from within, orchestrated by those who purport to govern in our best interests. Our soldiers and officers, the true heroes, face unjust scrutiny and doubt from those who should be standing beside them. As this battle persists, the truth must prevail over the cacophony of misinformation and political manipulation.

    The article written for “Gazeta Polska” by Katarzyna Gójska in the Polish language is available here

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