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    Poland Welcomes EU Agreement to Procure Ammunition Jointly for Ukraine

    According to a spokesperson for the Polish government, Poland has expressed its approval of the Council of the European Union’s recent decision to allocate EUR 1 billion towards the joint procurement of ammunition and missiles for Ukraine.

    EU approves assistance measure for Ukraine

    On Friday, the Council of the European Union approved an assistance measure valued at EUR 1 billion as part of the European Peace Facility (EPF). The measure will enable member states to jointly procure 155-mm-calibre artillery rounds and missiles for Ukraine from the European defence industry. 

    The move is seen as a significant step in supporting Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia. Poland has been a vocal advocate for increased international support for Ukraine. The adoption of this assistance measure is expected to have a positive impact on the security situation in Ukraine and further strengthen ties between Ukraine and the EU.

    Spokesperson for the Polish government hails EU decision

    Piotr Mueller, a spokesperson for the Polish government, has expressed support for the recent decision made by the Council of the European Union. Mueller stated that Poland had taken steps to ensure that the measure was swiftly adopted. He also added that the Polish defence sector stands to benefit significantly from the allocated funds.

    To qualify for reimbursement under the European Peace Facility (EPF), contracts or purchase orders for procurement must be finalized prior to September 30, 2023. This requirement was recently announced and is seen as a means of ensuring that the allocated funds are used efficiently and effectively. The deadline provides a timeline for member states to make arrangements for the procurement of necessary supplies. It also underscores the importance of timely action in supporting Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia.

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