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    Poland’s Advocacy for Justice: Deputy Minister Mularczyk at International Conference on Human Rights

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    Arkadiusz Mularczyk, Poland’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Government Plenipotentiary for Compensation for Damages Caused by German Aggression and Occupation (1939-1945), participated in an international conference hosted by the Constitutional Tribunal on November 17. The conference delved into human rights from a European perspective.

    Raising Awareness on War Reparations

    In his address, Deputy Minister Mularczyk outlined the Council of Europe’s efforts in compensating war damages in Europe, emphasizing key legal challenges in this domain. He highlighted the pivotal role of the European Convention on Human Rights as a central instrument for assessing human rights violations during wartime.

    Poland’s Support for Ukraine and the Call for Practical Compensation Solutions

    Deputy Minister Mularczyk underscored Poland’s solidarity with Ukraine, formally supporting them in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights. He emphasized the need for practical solutions ensuring compensation for individuals affected by human rights violations during the ongoing aggression by Russia since February 2022.

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