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    Poland’s Brewing Industry Among Top Producers in the EU

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    Poland, Germany, and Spain stand as major players in the European Union’s brewing landscape. In 2021, EU member states collectively produced 33.1 billion liters of alcoholic beer, alongside nearly 1.7 billion liters of low-alcohol or alcohol-free variants. A notable surge in production occurred, with alcohol-free beer production increasing by nearly 20%, and alcoholic beer production rising by almost 3%, compared to 2020.

    Within EU member states, Germany retained its brewing supremacy, crafting 7.5 billion liters (23% of EU total). Poland and Spain shared the second spot, each contributing 3.7 billion liters (11% of EU total), followed by the Netherlands at 2.5 billion liters (7%). These four nations collectively accounted for 52% of the entire EU beer production. Notably, the Netherlands led alcohol beer exports, shipping 1.9 billion liters (21% of EU exports) in 2021, trailed by Belgium (19%) and Germany (17%).

    Global Export Reach

    Beyond the EU, the United Kingdom (22%) and the United States (19%) emerged as prime destinations for EU beer exports. Poland’s brewing industry plays a vital role in the EU’s beer production landscape, contributing significantly to the region’s rich brewing tradition and global export footprint.

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