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    Poland’s Central Port Authority Acquires 1000 Hectares for Innovative Airport Project

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    Poland’s Central Port Authority (CPK) is making significant strides in its groundbreaking airport project, with the recent acquisition of over 1000 hectares of land. This ambitious endeavor, part of the Voluntary Purchase Program (VPP), marks a unique approach to public investments in Poland, as announced by Marcin Horała, the Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy and the Government Plenipotentiary for CPK.

    A Landmark in Voluntary Acquisitions

    The CPK’s latest data reveals that the land acquired exceeds 1000 hectares, and the number of transactions continues to grow. This innovative approach aims to minimize compulsory land acquisition, relying solely on voluntary purchases, setting a historic precedent in Poland’s investment landscape.

    Horała emphasized the program’s flexibility, tailored to accommodate the needs of local residents, families, and businesses affected by the project. He stressed that all agreements are voluntarily signed under civil law, ensuring that property owners are satisfied with the terms.

    Community Engagement and Benefits

    Over 1300 property owners, with nearly 3600 hectares of land, have participated in the Voluntary Purchase Program. CPK offers various incentives, including covering legal expenses and facilitating relocations. So far, approximately 50 moves have been successfully orchestrated, including specialized equipment transfers.

    The CPK’s project envisions the first phase, including two parallel runways and infrastructure for 40 million passengers, to be operational by 2028. Long-term projections by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) suggest the airport could eventually serve up to 65 million passengers by 2060.

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