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    Poland’s Credit Rating Maintained at A-/A-2 by S&P with Stable Outlook

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    The renowned credit rating agency, Standard & Poor’s (S&P), has affirmed Poland’s credit rating at A-/A-2 for long- and short-term foreign currency obligations, and A/A-1 for long- and short-term domestic currency obligations, as reported by the Ministry of Finance. The outlook remains stable. S&P anticipates a 3.1% growth in Poland’s economy in 2024, following a 0.6% increase in 2023, citing the resurgence of domestic consumption and easing weaknesses among key trading partners.

    Positive Growth Outlook and EU Funds Propel Poland’s Credit Rating

    S&P also foresees the unlocking of European Union funds, stimulating investment growth in 2024 and beyond. Despite a persistent budget deficit until 2024-2025, the net value of the debt in the governmental and local sectors is expected to remain below a moderate 50% of GDP in the medium term. S&P suggests that Poland’s rating could be upgraded with sustained institutional and managerial improvements, translating into a consistent influx of EU funds and foreign direct investments, supporting Poland’s medium-term economic growth prospects.

    On the flip side, pressure for a rating downgrade may arise from significantly slower dezinflation, eroding Poland’s monetary policy credibility, external competitiveness, and economic growth.

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