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    Poland’s Defense Policy: Ensuring Security Amidst Regional Challenges

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    Poland’s Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, recently highlighted the country’s commitment to bolstering its defense capabilities in the face of regional challenges. In a radio interview, he emphasized the need for a robust defense system, contrasting the current approach with the policies of the past.

    Underlining the importance of a strong defense system, Błaszczak mentioned the construction of a border fence along the Polish-Belarusian frontier, which has faced provocative actions. He stressed that Poland had learned from historical experiences, citing Russia’s involvement in alleged war crimes regardless of its political orientation.

    Historical Perspective

    Błaszczak argued that Poland’s historical experiences, irrespective of Russia’s political coloration, demonstrated Russia’s involvement in war crimes. He cited incidents in Bucza and Irpien as examples of civilian casualties under Russian occupation.

    The Minister made a stark contrast between the current government’s defense policies and those of the past, accusing the previous government led by Donald Tusk of compromising with Russia.

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