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    Poland’s Electricity Sector Transformation to Cost PLN 600 Billion, Minister Announces

    In a significant development, Jacek Sasin, the Minister for State Assets, revealed on Monday that the transformation of Poland’s electricity sector is projected to incur a staggering cost of PLN 600 billion (EUR 132 billion). Minister Sasin clarified that this estimate encompasses only the most fundamental investment projects and does not account for potential increases in energy expenses or the expenditures associated with the European Union’s ambitious “Fit for 55” program. The EU initiative aims to achieve a 55 percent reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030.

    Recognizing the magnitude of the undertaking, Minister Sasin emphasized the government’s unwavering commitment to embark on this path, acknowledging that it aligns with the demands of the future. He stated, “This is a huge challenge ahead of us, but we are determined to follow this path because we understand that such are the demands of the future.”

    Furthermore, Sasin highlighted the government’s recognition of the importance of constructing an energy mix that would ensure Poland’s competitiveness while delivering secure, affordable, clean, and reliable energy. Elaborating on the country’s energy transformation plans, he affirmed Poland’s intention to foster the development of renewable energy sources and nuclear power.

    The announcement underscores the government’s determination to address the pressing issues surrounding the electricity sector and its commitment to transitioning to a sustainable energy landscape. The financial implications, combined with the ambitious environmental targets set by the EU, will require careful planning and implementation to achieve a successful and comprehensive transformation of Poland’s electricity industry.


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