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    Poland’s Festival of Magic: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

    As the seventh edition of Poland’s largest magic festival approaches, Wojciech Rotowski, star of the show, shares his journey. Preparations begin right after the previous festival ends, with intense rehearsals starting 3-4 weeks before the event.

    Rotowski teases the audience with new tricks involving dance and costumes. The show will feature classic illusions with a fresh twist, presented as a theatrical production. Combining magic with dance, mime, and circus arts, Rotowski’s favorite acts are visual and non-verbal, telling captivating stories through magic.

    Rotowski draws inspiration from Derren Brown’s storytelling and Harry Houdini’s persistence. His first mentor, Maciej Pol, also holds a special place in his heart. Despite the excitement, Rotowski experiences pre-show jitters but remains focused. He prepares meticulously, calming himself with breathing exercises and mantras before taking the stage.

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